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We have over 40 years experience with residential and commercial repairs and remodeling. Engineering and artistic aesthetics are our top considerations. Norton, our founder, is educated as an engineer and has an artist's eye, so you get results that are both beautiful and structural sound. Our specialty is offering packaged services to save you money on maintenance while increasing your home resale value.
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We cover Cumberland County
and part of York County Maine.

Packaged Services - Your Best Value

Put your repairs on a Schedule with our Maintenance Plan or purchase a Loyalty Card for discounts of up to 50% on our standard repairs rate. Here is why it is an essential for your home and your peace-of-mindsimplebooklet.com
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Other Services

Services offered include interior painting, plaster wall repairs, custom built-ins: cabinets, storage, bookcases, handyman services, kitchen-bath remodeling, laminated wood flooring, ceramic tile, help for parents aging at home, windows and doors, furniture repairs, installation of window treatments and interior design ideas ...